Bring Energy to Your Off-Grid Adventures With This BioLite Sale

Memorial Day savings get you up to 35% off stoves, solar lighting and more


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Just in time for Memorial Day weekend — when you’re legally required to spend time enjoying Mother Nature — one of our favorite outdoor gear brands is hosting its biggest sale of the year.

Through Tuesday the 28th, BioLite is taking up to 35% off everything, no code required. Given that the brand’s outdoor kits (featuring 3-4 themed products that play well together) already offer a built-in discount, savings here for those bundles are even hight.

Our favorites of these themed kits:

BioLite FirePit bundle

FirePit Complete Kit
A smokeless firepit that works with firewood or charcoal. Comes with a reflecting mate, poker and solar carry cover that’ll recharge your unit when covered.

BioLite CampStove 2 kit

CampStove 2 Bundle
You can cook, grill, boil and even charge your devices with this smokeless stove, which runs on sticks, wood scraps and pellets.

BioLite SolarHome 620

SolarHome 620
Turn any structure (vans, sheds, etc.) into an off-grid property with this combo of solar panel, hanging lights and radio/charger.

BioLite NanoGrid

NanoGrid Light Kit
An array of ambient lights and lanterns bring indoor-levels of illumination to any outdoor space via a system of modular, rechargeable lighting.

Energy Bundle

Energy Bundle+
A BioLite greatest hits, featuring a CampStove, portable grill, pot, solar panel, overhead lighting and more.

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