The 10 Best Gifts for Fans of Baby Yoda, So Basically Everyone

Plush toys, LEGOs, limited-edition Polaroids and more

December 3, 2020 7:09 am
best baby yoda gifts
Mike Falco

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Legendary German director Werner Herzog bristled with fury when he heard that the crew of The Mandalorian was considering replacing the show’s small, green, animatronic puppet with CGI. “You are cowards,” Herzog said. “Leave it.” When he first looked upon the tiny green fellow, while playing an irascible Imperial agent named The Client in the show’s first season, Herzog reportedly burst into tears.

The crew listened. You know what happened next. The Child became Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda became an intergalactic phenomenon. Last November, as The Mandalorian took highest-streaming show baton from Game of Thrones, Vanity Fair headlined an article: “Baby Yoda Has Conquered the World.”

He’s more or less a bowling ball with ears who waddles around extremely dangerous planets in a beige bath robe. He can’t speak, he’s always hungry, and once in a while if he’s really feeling up to it, he’ll summon the Force. Mando, meanwhile, a Jason Bourne space cowboy-type, has spent 13 episodes protecting him from bounty hunters and teaching him electrical engineering.

Baby Yoda — now known officially as Grogu — is the most exciting thing to happen to a bloated, flailing franchise in decades. For the time being he owns Friday nights, but he’s clearly the future of Star Wars, and will likely be featured in a theater near you one day. More important than that, though, he’s a goddamn GIF lord. Grogu is possibly the cutest, least contentious thing to ever happen to the dark, unforgiving pit that is the internet. Everybody loves the guy. Talk about restoring the soul of a nation.

Little wonder that there was some controversy last year when rabid fans discovered there was zero licensed Baby Yoda merch on the market. Acting on a marketing brainwave from Donald Glover, creator and showrunner Jon Favreau decided not spoil the character’s existence. The ploy worked, but apparel distributors and toymakers didn’t have enough time to pump out product ahead of the holidays. Diehards had to wade through the “Baby Yoda Black Markets” of independent product sites like Etsy.

Not this year. The big boys, from LEGO, to Build-A-Bear, to even Polaroid, have been ready for months now. Everything seems pretty well-stocked, too, all things considered. (Mattel’s Plush Toy is the #1 Bestseller on Amazon right now.) So that you don’t have to sift through a mess of links to find a Baby Yoda-specific gift this year, we’ve compiled the 10 best right here. From the plush toys that’ll make you a hero with the kids, to the prints, socks and dishwasher magnets (?!) for repping Baby Yoda vibes all year-long, we’ve got you covered.

mattel baby yoda toy

Mattel The Child Plush Toy

The best-selling Baby Yoda toy currently on the market. Pick it up from Amazon; it’ll arrive in time for the holidays.

baby yoda disney toy

Disney The Child Plush

Unlike the Mattel option, shopDisney’s offering has a soft, stuffed animal-esque head.

build a bear baby yoda

Build-A-Bear The Child

Leaving the house to pick this one up might be worth the family outing — Build-A-Bear lets you place an appointment to “stuff” Baby Yoda in the store.

baby yoda legos

LEGO Star Wars: The Child Buildable Toy

Check out the gearshift knob in Baby Yoda’s left hand (his favorite toy). This set was a 2021 Toy of the Year Award Finalist.

star wars polaroid camera

Polaroid Now The Mandalorian Starter Set

Since it started retrofitting its old cameras, Polaroid can do no wrong. Its latest model features film with icons of characters from The Mandalorian.

baby yoda art print
Matt Kehler/Society6

Society6 “The Child” Art Print

Star Wars recently teamed up with online art market Society6, so this is actually an exclusive, officially-licensed print. Credit to Matt Kehler.

Etsy baby yoda sweatshirt

Retro Sunset Baby Yoda Sweatshirt

Paging @pandemicfits.

hallmark baby yoda ornament

Hallmark The Child Ornament

From Hallmark’s Keepsake Collection, featuring Baby Yoda in his indestructible, levitating egg pod.

stance the child socks

Stance The Child Crew Socks

Stance has been putting Star Wars characters on socks for a few years now. This is their best pair yet.

brothers bench baby yoda dishwasher

Brothers Bench Baby Yoda Dishwasher Magnet

A stocking stuffer fit for 2020.

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