Deal: Baboon to the Moon Bags Are Tough as Hell, Rarely on Sale

Grab a discount on the Go-Bags while you can

Baboon to the Moon duffel bags
After testing Baboon to the Moon bags this summer, we're happy to see a rare discount.
Baboon to the Moon

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When we hear about a bag that’s made out of [adjusts glasses] “OM Stardust Ballistic shell material” meant to “survive … the zombie apocalypse,” we get skeptical. That’s just the kind of marketing nonsense that leads to impulse buys that quickly become buyer’s remorse. Except this time, when we actually got one of these bags, it somehow lived up to the loony description.

They’re from a company called Baboon to the Moon, and the brand’s Go-Bags — essentially tough-as-nail duffels that can be carried four ways — are currently 25% off during the End of the Season Sale.

The discounts extend to backpacks and some other items as well, but you’re going to want to focus on the Go-Bags, on sale in the larger 60L size (in colors black, grey and blue) and the smaller but TSA-overhead-bin-compliant 40L size (in colors black and venus blue). As you can see right away, the rare discounts Baboon is offering have led to sold out colors across the board, so if you’re in the market for a bag that can take a beating, or a holiday present for the grounded traveler in your life, don’t wait until these sell out too. 

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