Back to Camping? You’ll Want This Portable Generator.

Anker’s PowerHouse is now $150 off.

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It’s almost camping, festival and general we’re-happy-to-be-outside season again weather. And while we appreciate the great outdoors, we also enjoy the modern tech that powers (well, overpowers) our everyday life.

So we’re not going anywhere without a portable generator. And Anker’s PowerHouse is your best bet for a lightweight, affordable option. This 400Wh power supplier can charge your phone up to 40 times or your laptop up to 15, and handle larger appliances like mini fridges and lamps. It features three output modes — a 12V car sock, a 110V AC outlet and four quick-charging USB ports.

Hey, it’ll even charge up your Tesla Model S.  

Anker claims the PowerHouse is the smallest and lightest 400Wh power supply on the market. It’s also damn safe: It comes equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) that manages voltage, temperature-control and other high-level safety operations.

Plus, if you attach a compatible solar charger (not included), you can go completely off the (energy) grid.

The PowerHouse is now 30% off at just $350 on Anker’s eBay store, which is the second lowest price we’ve ever seen. Note: You won’t see the discount until you add the generator to your cart, and the deal could end at any time.  

BUY IT HERE: $500 $350

Photos: Anker

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