These Are the Best Sub-$50 Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy

Anker’s Liberty Neo ‘buds are at an all-time low

Anker Liberty Neo
The Liberty Neo earbuds are now below $50 (Amazon)

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First it was about $80-$100. Then it was $50.

Can’t make the threshold too much lower on good wireless earbuds, but Anker’s done it with their recent price drop on Liberty Neo.

Featuring graphene-coated drivers, a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, a solid 3.5 hours of playback per charge (plus nine more with the case) and noise-cancelling microphones for making clearer calls, these are pretty much everything you’ll need in day-to-day earbuds.

Anker Liberty Neo

At 0.2 oz each, the ”˜buds are designed to be unnoticeable (they stick out a bit, but not to any egregious degree), but they’re also snug and water-resistant so you can wear ”˜em during a workout without worries about loss or damage. And you can use one at a time if you need to charge the other bud or keep one ear open.

Now through June 4th, the Liberty Neos are $45, a 20% savings and the lowest price ever by $5.

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