Frustrated With Your Laptop’s Lone USB Port? Anker’s Solution Is on Sale.

Take 30% off their new 7-in-1 USB-C hub

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The electronic wizards at Anker have captured our hearts many a time, always there to offer best-bang-for-your-buck portable chargers and speakers after we’ve spent all our tech budget on phones and laptops. Now they’re here to save all of you who’ve recently purchased the latter; that is, one of the new MacBooks, ChromeBooks, XPS laptops or other computers that only have USB-C ports.

Yes, we are all in agreement that the constant updating of USB ports and other cable connections is a scourge on humanity (and possibly a conspiracy to get us all to keep buying new cords …), but instead of cursing Tim Cook that you can’t connect anything to your new computer, take a deep breath and pick up Anker’s new premium 7-in-1 USB-C hub, currently 30% off on Amazon with code AKCHUB46.

BUY IT HERE: $70 $100

What makes it “premium,” and a worthy investment above similar devices on the market, is that while you’re using all your new ports, it’ll also charge your computer at full speed courtesy of 100W of power. Those ports, by the way, include two USB-Cs (one charging, one data), two USB-As, HDMI, microSD and standard SD.

So if you’ve been putting off buying that new laptop because it feels dumber than the ancient model you own, you now have permission to upgrade. 

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