Deal: Add Voice Control and Smart Lighting to Your Home for Just $37

This Anker smart speaker/smart bulb bundle is illuminating


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Need to buy an inexpensive, practical and yet cool gift for someone on your list?

Here’s your light bulb moment.

Eufy — a subsidiary of Anker — is bundling its Genie Smart Speaker with two smart bulbs, instantly giving you voice power over the mood of your living room or bedroom. And they’re offering the combo for 50% off through Sunday.

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Let’s start with the speaker. Genie is essentially an Echo Dot, a 2W speaker where you can stream music and podcasts and issue voice commands via Alexa (in my household, 99% of those requests are variations on “what’s the weather today?”)

eufy Smart Bulb and Speaker
A rough approximation of how the smart speaker and lighting work together

It’s also the hub for your smart bulbs (or any other smart devices like Nest). Those Lumos lights can be scheduled, dimmed or even remotely activated via a EufyHome app. 

Together, the bulbs and speaker are $37 when you clip the coupon, down from $74. By comparison, a similar bundling of an Echo Dot and two smart bulbs is currently $56 and change (admittedly that kit is a nice 37% savings).

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