Stackable Grill/Cooler System Is a Towering Monument to the Backyard BBQ

BBQ grills: The next frontier for modular design

August 18, 2017 9:00 am

What does any red-blooded American want out of a grill? As Tim Taylor would say, more power.

Unfortunately, when you’re on the move — whether it’s tailgating, camping or hanging at the lake — the barbecue gets stripped to bare bones. STCKBLS, a new company launching on Kickstarter, wants to change that with a modular, portable and (of course) stackable barbecue grill system.

At launch, the modules include a gas grill, cooler and storage container, all made with black steel frames that fit together. The latter two are fairly standard, while the grill features a porcelain enamel cast iron grate with a 280-square-inch cooking surface, 12,000 BTU per hour burner (LPG or butane available) and attached hood.

So while the Kickstarter “full stack” includes all three of these basic pieces (and a bottle opener), the point is it’s customizable. Put three grills in a row on their rolling grill stand, which features side tables and a gas tank bay. Or stack the wheeled cooler on the bottom, the storage in the middle and the grill on top — since the bottom two have drawers, you’re looking at a full-on BBQ tower.

STCKBLS (4 images)

While you can’t mix-and-match freely during this crowdfunding campaign, New Atlas reports that the pieces will be available individually at a later date. Also, future modules could include Bluetooth speakers and battery blocks.

The obvious downside is if you go all in,  you’ll have to ditch the disparate items you’ve treasured for so long. Speaking from personal experience, it’s tough to convince a man to leave his favorite cooler at home.

Of course, you’re free to do as you like and bring an extra Weber and YETI along with the STCKBLS system, but then that defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? 

Check out the campaign for yourself, but those looking to build a portable grill system from the ground up will find this most appealing. At the time of publication, the early bird prices are still available, with a grill going for $199 ($300 retail) and the full stack for $325 ($480 retail).

The normal Kickstarter caveats apply, but estimated delivery is April 2018, just in time for next year’s barbecue season opener. 


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