Deal: Your Kitchen Isn’t Complete Without OXO’s Glass Food Containers

Get the entire Smart Seal line on sale through the end of October

An array of eight glass food storage containers from OXO's Smart Seal line, all on sale through the end of October 2021
Your plastic food containers have failed you. Try glass instead.

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OXO just opened up a sale on its line of Smart Seal glass and plastic food storage containers. From now through October 31 you can take 20% off the entire line.

Yes, there are both glass and plastic options discounted, but you should stick to the former here. Most people have dealt with some sort of plastic food containers in the past, and the problems are obvious: they stain, can be tainted by food odor and be hard to get satisfyingly clean. While OXO has certainly mitigated many of these problems with this modern design, if you’ve never tried glass before, you need to. And if you already have tried it, I’m guessing you’ll want to jump on this chance to stock up on more.

The best deal is on the 16-Piece Smart Seal Glass Container Set, which offers four round and four rectangular containers with lids (you can also buy smaller sets and even individual containers). Having used these OXO models myself, the reason borosilicate glass is so much better than plastic is because you can put these in the freezer, in a microwave, even in a preheated oven, and you can throw them in a dishwasher or hand wash them without any discoloration or residual smells. They may technically be more fragile than plastic versions, but I’ve never chipped or broken a glass container in my life — these things are hardy.

When it comes down to it, the kitchen essential most people are missing isn’t some stand mixer or blender or other expensive appliance, it’s glass containers like these. So go ahead and try a few while they’re on sale.


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