The Case for Getting on the Waitlist for a Kitchen Knife

Feast your eyes on the latest limited-edition blade from Made In

Three chef's knives
Each handmade handle is unique, and the blades are forged and assembled in Thiers, France.
Made In

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We haven’t conducted an official survey or anything, but speaking from personal experience, we’d venture to say there’s a lot of direct-to-consumer burnout happening. The DTC category started off with good intentions — offer consumer higher quality products at a lower price by “cutting out the middleman” — but now that it has seemingly extended to every facet of life, you might find yourself wondering: why am I spending my free time comparing shaving cream and pet food online when I could just go to Target?

In the midst of this consumer haze, there is still one item that is worth taking a few minutes out of your day to educate yourself on, and that’s your all-purpose kitchen knife. In particular, Made In announced a new limited-edition slice-and-dicer today, and even though you have to sign up for a waitlist to buy it — like it’s a pair of Aimé Leon Dore New Balances — you should take 60 seconds right now and do it.

As Made In notes on its website, the last time the brand launched a limited-edition knife, it sold out in just a few hours. This time, the design is even more intriguing, pairing a solid sheepsfoot-style Santoku silhouette (4116N stainless steel, meaning nitrogen is added to improve edge retention, among other things) with a handmade handle composed of a food-waste bio-resin (sustainable!). But the more important pairing is the accessible price point of $189 with an objet d’art that you’ll look forward to using. Cooking should be a joy, after all, not a chore, and as your chef’s knife is the gavel by which you hold court over your home kitchen, you should choose one deliberately, rather than settling for the one included in the 10-pack from Target. 

If you want the full details, head on over to Made In. The waitlist is open until Sunday night and sales will start on Tuesday, so all you knife nerds have plenty of time to ask any questions if you’re interested in adding it to your arsenal. 


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