Deal: Le Creuset Makes Great Stainless Steel Cookware, Too (And It's On Sale)

Lose the brand's signature color but get pro-level pots and pans at 40% off

Le Creuset
Stainless steel cookware at Le Creuset is up to 40% off
Le Creuset

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Admittedly, my first thoughts when I hear Le Creuset — besides “oh, is that how you pronounce that?” — isn’t stainless steel.

The famed cookware brand brings to mind colorful, enameled cast iron. But the company actually specializes in seven different materials for their pots, pans and kitchen tools.

And that includes stainless steel, and given that that material is behind the current 40% off sale (with free shipping over $99), we’re gonna give it a look.

Le Creuset describes its stainless steel wares as “crafted by European artisans … radiant and durable, the triple layer construction features a full base-to-rim aluminum core for superior heat distribution, while the lightweight titanium-infused stainless steel exterior resists scorching and corrosion.”

Le Creuset
Le Creuset

This kitchenware also includes nice details like interior capacity markings, three-ring lids with built-in steam vents and dripless pouring rims.

So while you’re losing some color, your kitchen may start to look like something the pros would use.

Le Creuset
Le Creuset

Our suggestion? Get one of the 5, 7, 10 or 13-piece pot and pan sets (now $312-$560) or grab this two-pack of nonstick stainless steel fry pans ($144, down from $270).

Either way, it’s a (wait for it…) steel.


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