Deal: Attention Home Chefs, Hedley & Bennett’s Best Sale of the Year Is Here

It's time you got yourself an apron you’ll actually wear

A stack of a dozen aprons from Hedley & Bennett on a yellow background. These limited-edition styles are on sale during the Mystery Box promotion.
It's Mystery Box time at Hedley & Bennett. One of these aprons could be yours for just $50.
Hedley & Bennett

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“We spent thousands of hours reimagining the apron.” That’s the selling point of Hedley & Bennett, the apron company that’s become the favorite of TV chefs, YouTube chefs and home chefs alike (you’ve probably seen their ampersand logo on your favorite food personality even if you didn’t connect it with the brand at the time). Now it’s time to join their ranks, as H&B is throwing its best promotion of the year.

It’s called the Mystery Box. Yes, that means not only is this the best Hedley & Bennett sale, it’s the best type of sale. How it works is you plunk down just $50 and H&B will send you one of their limited-edition styles or even something never seen before. Their first-class aprons run anywhere from $85 to $120, so you’re getting a discount anywhere from 41% to 58% off. They’re offering the choice of their classic or big size as well; you can see the sizing difference here, but most people will want the classic.

Plenty of other retailers offer similar “mystery box” promotions, but the reason it’s actually worth taking advantage of here is because aprons are supposed to be fun. If you get a tie-dye or camouflage print, that’ll just add to the excitement of whipping up Monday dinner. And if you’re not sure you actually need an apron in the kitchen, all those grease, sauce and oil splatters tell a different story. Go ahead, get yourself an apron you’ll actually want to wear.


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