Deal: Three Top-Notch Drip Coffee Makers Are on Sale at Breville

Including two Precision Brewer models and one with built-in bean grinding

Three Breville coffee makers, including the Precision Brewer Glass, Grind Control and Precision Brewer Thermal, all on a grey background
The Precision Brewer Glass, Grind Control and Precision Brewer Thermal.

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I love a fanciful coffee maker as much as the next person, being in possession of an espresso machine, a glass Chemex and an AeroPress myself. But sometimes you just need a well-tuned drip coffee maker, and Breville has plenty of them, the best of which are currently on sale.

There are three coffee maker discounts to choose from: the Precision Brewer Thermal ($300 $240), which is the best-reviewed model of the bunch, featuring a number of customizable settings and a 60-ounce stainless-steel thermal carafe for keeping coffee piping hot all day; the Precision Brewer Glass ($280 $224), which is the same model except with a glass carafe, for those who prefer that design (and a little cheaper price point); and the Grind Control model ($300 $240), which features a built-in bean grinder and allows you to brew coffee into the thermal carafe or your vessel of choice (travel mug, large coffee cup, etc.).

Breville is offering these discounts through its own shop, but since these are such popular coffee makers only the glass carafe brewer is still available there. Thankfully, the discounts are also available on Amazon (which is why some of the above links point there) and they’re all in stock, including the glass model.


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