Best Made Just Released More Than 100 Pieces of Restored Cast Iron

It’s the brand’s annual cast iron event, and they’ll sell like hot cakes

best made co. annual vintage cast iron event
These are just some of the vintage pieces on offer at Best Made Company's Annual Cast Iron Event.
Best Made Company

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We don’t have to convince you that cast iron is worth buying. Unlike those disposable nonstick pans you still use even though the coating is chipping off, a good piece of cast-iron cookware is something you can pass down to your kids. And unlike that set of gaudy china and matching doilies, it’s something your kids will thank you for. 

The problem is, if you don’t get cast iron passed down to you, how do you separate worthwhile vintage cast iron from the duds? And how do you restore them once you have the skillets in your possession? It can seem easier to just buy a new set from Target. Thankfully, Best Made Company is here to help.

Right now, the heritage-inspired brand is offering real-deal heritage cast-iron cookware during The Annual Cast Iron Event. Specifically, what they’re offering is a “carefully curated and faithfully restored … collection of 100+ one-of-a-kind American-made pieces, ready to return to service over an open fire or on the stovetop.” We’re talking historic brands like Griswold and Wagner, and everything from skillets to Dutch ovens to corn-on-the-cob pans (Who doesn’t love a good cob pan?!).

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, it’s a very limited sale and the pieces sell out quickly. So we’ll leave you to it.


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