Deal: All-Clad’s Factory Seconds Vault Is Open, This Time Up to 71% Off

Snap up deals on stainless steel, nonstick and copper core cookware

Two All-Clad stainless steel frying pans
You could go for the classic stainless steel, but All-Clad's VIP Factory Seconds sale features much, much more.

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All-Clad has once again opened its sale vault, which means you can take up to 71% off cookware in factory second condition or simply with packaging damage for the next three days.

If you’re new to All-Clad’s VIP Factory Seconds sale, here’s how it works: You’ll need to enter your email, which is an acknowledgment that you understand this cookware is either a factory second (with small cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect performance) or has slight packaging damage (which means it can’t be sold in regular stores, despite the pots and pans being in perfect condition). Once you do that, you’ll be admitted to the frankly ridiculous discounts.

This time, the wares run the gamut of All-Clad’s offerings, from classic stainless steel to easy nonstick to copper core. If you’re trying to navigate the differences, remember, D3 stainless steel has three layers of alternating steel and aluminum, D5 has five layers (more even heating, also more expensive), copper core will respond to heat even more quickly (and thus is for those who consider themselves well-seasoned home cooks), and the nonstick is there for people who like to keep things simple. And for those of you who simply like a deal? Well, you can’t go wrong here.


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