17 Gifts for the Gourmand in Your Life

From home cook to top chef

December 16, 2019 1:34 pm
17 Gifts for the Gourmand in Your Life

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It seems everyone today identifies as a foodie — who doesn’t love to eat? But for the real food aficionados in your life, finding them a gift that they won’t turn their nose up at often proves difficult. Luckily these 17 food related gifts (from cookbooks to aprons will manage to please even the snobbiest of snobs and maybe even earn you a *chef’s kiss*.

Red Bear Tipsy Cow Beef & Brandy Salami

All killer, no filler. This Chicago sausage maker produces some of the finest small-batch, farm-raised, beef sausage you’ll find anywhere in the country, all without the junk like nitrates and hormones you should be cutting out anyway. Help somebody up their charcuterie game in the new year.

Katz’s Deli Carving Board 

Whether you’re smoking your own meat or you just want something to slice your sandwich on, this hunk of butcher block featuring the logo of the most famous deli in America is durable, but also cool as hell.

Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The difference between fresh tortillas and the ones that have been sitting on a grocery store shelf for who knows how long is staggering. Change a life this holiday season by getting them a tortilla press.

Saladish: A Crunchier, Grainier, Herbier, Heartier, Tastier Way with Vegetables by Ilene Rosen

It’s the age-old question: how does one up their salad game from something beyond some leafs, tomatoes, cucumbers and dressing? This James Beard winning book has all the answers.

Seltzer Sweatshirt

Who doesn’t love seltzer? You take a chug of it when you’re eating just about anything and it’s like hitting reset on your mouth. Now a seltzer lover in your life can show just how much they love cracking open a cold one.

The Florentine Steak Knives

Everybody loves knives. Everybody (save for vegetarians and maybe people with high cholesterol) loves steak. Since those two things are so beloved, and making steak at home should be treated like a holiday, a set of knives to cut the meat should be up for the task.

The Food of Sichuan by Fuchsia Dunlop

From tofu dishes to twice-cooked pork, Fuchsia Dunlop’s cookbook will change the way somebody operates in the kitchen. One of the most perfect cookbooks anybody could have on their shelf.

Coastal Kitchen 3-Piece Collection

This is really a clever way to tell the seafood lover you know that it would be nice to eat more oysters. This kit is a crustacean game changer. 

Stock Mfg. Apron

You know somebody who can spatchcock their own birds and is able to cook cuisine from nearly any culture but … they have a “Kiss the cook” apron. Fix that. Get them this piece of bull denim that looks great and will last for years.

Stelton French Press

You can never go wrong with a French press, and this version from Stelton is perfect for the person who keeps a minimalist kitchen and hates the look of clutter.

Tie-Dye Graphic Crocs

Whether they’re a home chef or they’re the head of a kitchen with a Michelin star, most people that do a lot of cooking spend a lot of time on their feet. And you know what people that spend a lot of time on their feet love? Yup. Crocs. Thankfully, they’re cool now so they can wear them when they’re not making a coq au vin or braising lamb.

Iwatani Fired Burning

You think you know a food lover who has everything, but do they have a humble little grill to make to make perfect yakitori on? You’ll find this in all the places tourists journey out of their way to find when they go to Japan and want meat on a stick.

Staub 3.75 Quart Pig Cocotte

Tired: Le Creuset.

Wired: A 3.75-quart Staub Cocotte with a pig on it. This will make cooking meat seem even cooler.

House of Waris Botanicals Love Conquers All Tea 

You’re not going to tell a coffee lover to stop drinking the stuff, but nothing really beats a perfect cup of tea. And this blend of hibiscus, pomegranate and other herbs and flowers will change the direction of any day.

Mazama Large Handmade Mug

A person can never have too many mugs, especially when it’s this one from Mazama. Clocking in at 15oz, it’s ideal for hardcore coffee drinkers.

Field Notes Pocket Notebooks

A thoughtful and inexpensive idea for the chef in your life is a set of Field Notes notebooks that they can jot down changes to their favorite recipes in or take notes on things they try at restaurants that they loved or hated.

Alpine Cooking: Recipes and Stories from Europe’s Grand Mountaintops by Meredith Erickson

The holidays are a time for giving, but it also means you’ve probably got at least three more months of cold weather and snow ahead of you (unless you’re smart and live someplace warm), so get somebody this book and let them cook meals like they work in a ski lodge in Germany or France.


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