You Can Thank Robin Williams for the New Golden Age of Hairy Men

Hirsuteness hasn’t always been desirable. In the ‘90s, one man helped change that.


Every Good Book About Fishing Is a Book About the Nature of Life

In "The Optimist," David Coggins presents the case not only for fly fishing, but living more deliberately in everything we do


Jonathan Ames Has Gone Noir, And He’s Not Turning Back

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In Defense of Reading Biographies in an Era When They Reveal Nothing

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Gay Talese’s 40-Year-Old Treatise on Sex in America Is Still Just as Scandalous as Ever

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Robert Maxwell, Not Rupert Murdoch, Was the Real-Life Logan Roy

Archrival to Rupert Murdoch, father to Ghislaine and a timely reminder of what happens when wealthy men level their sights on the media


Kareem Rosser Is the New Face of American Polo

In his new memoir "Crossing the Line," Rosser charts his journey from a stable in Philadelphia to the Intercollegiate Championship


Excerpt: Rich Cohen Recounts the Time He Almost Beat Mark Messier

Cohen’s new novel “Pee Wees: Confessions of a Hockey Parent” is out this week


What Is Lost When Youth Sports Are Treated Like Big Business?

In “Pee Wees: Confessions of a Hockey Parent”, Rich Cohen revisits the sport of his youth to find that everything has changed

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Stuff We Swear By: This Is the Best Weighted Blanket We've Ever Used

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Why Ralph Lauren Never Goes Out of Style

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Steely Dan’s Cynical, Moody Masterpiece Hits Harder 40 Years Later

"Gaucho" is an album about people who are all past their prime. We all feel that way right about now.