Genesis’s Upcoming GV90 Could Reshape the High-End SUV World

It will take cues from the Neolun concept vehicle

Genesis Neolun concept
Genesis's Neolun concept vehicle.

If you’re fond of seafood, marine biology or pup quizzes, you’re likely familiar with the concept of carcinization — essentially, an evolutionary process by which different creatures evolve into the same crab-like shape. It’s arguable that the SUV has had a similar effect on the automotive market. The popularity of SUVs in the U.S. has led to a lot of vehicles that look similar to one another, with the bigger differences coming into play in terms of amenities and performance.

That’s one of the reasons a new article from Jonathon Ramsey at Autoblog is especially enticing. Citing reports from The Korean Car Blog, Ramsey writes that Genesis’s forthcoming GV90 will be a production version of Genesis’s Neolun concept vehicle. The GV90 will be fully electric and will begin production early in 2026, Ramsey writes.

Earlier this year, I was at a launch event for the Neolun around the New York International Auto Show, and was very impressed by what I saw there. The Neolun had a sleek, pared-down exterior that managed to feel powerful without seeming too imposing. It also stood out with a more distinctive presence than most of its counterparts. If the production version of this SUV can retain those qualities, it could represent some fresh air in its class.

There’s one other enticing feature on hand: The Korean Car Blog reports that a limited run of GV90s will be made with coach doors. This was one feature shown on the Neolun at its debut, and it’s encouraging to hear that it’ll make the leap to production in some capacity.

It sounds like we’re still over a year from seeing the first images of what the production version of the GV90 will look like. Until then, we’ll have the Neolun to tide us over — and to keep us guessing what elements will be included as concept becomes reality.

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