This Handy Locker Will Secure Your Booze Until the End of Dry January

The Hop Lockr is here to help you kick off a healthier 2023

hop lockr on a blue background
No temptation here

Dry January has become a global phenomenon, but it certainly isn’t easy. That’s why HOP WTR, a non-alcoholic sparkling beverage, wants to help would-be participants stick to their goals during the first month of 2023. They created the Hop Lockr, a mini locker that will keep your booze secure until February 1. 

“We know it can be hard to stick with Dry January goals and implement healthier lifestyle habits, especially after a season of holiday indulgence,” Jordan Bass, HOP WTR co-founder and CEO, said in a release. “However, in recent years, we’ve noticed that more people are looking to participate in Dry January and really want to prioritize a more well-balanced lifestyle. The launch of the Hop Lockr is another step in our journey to help our fans continue to live a healthier life without having to sacrifice flavor or fun, and we look forward to crushing Dry January goals alongside our community.”

Here’s how it works. Anyone who wants help sticking to Dry January can fill out this form to receive a free Hop Lockr and complimentary month’s supply of HOP WTR. Once the locker arrives, simply stash all of your alcohol inside and lock it up. On February 1, HOP WTR will send you the combination so you can break out the booze and celebrate a job well done. Yes, this is all completely free, but supplies are limited, so hurry if you want to try out the Hop Lockr for yourself.

While we think the Hop Lockr is clever, there is no way all of our booze would fit into the tiny contraption. But if you’re into the idea, you should definitely go for it. Just remember that you can always hire a professional lock picker if you need a stiff drink before January ends.


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