Florida’s Motorworks Brewing Features Adoptable Dogs on Cans

Very good dogs, very good beer

Adoptable Dog Cruiser cans
If you've ever wanted to ponder adoptable dogs while sipping craft beer, Motorworks Brewing has you covered.
Motorworks Brewing

Lots of people love craft beers. Lots of people love dogs. It stands to reason, then, that many combinations of the two will also find a welcome audience. (Getting dogs drunk is a notable exception to that. Do not let dogs drink alcohol.) Florida’s Motorworks Brewing has found an excellent way to unite beer nerds and dog people: a label design that spotlights rescue dogs that can be adopted.

This is the Adoptable Dog Cruiser, a kölsch with labels featuring dogs available for adoption at nearby Shelter Manatee.

At The Guardian, Richard Luscombe explored this unlikely pairing — which has already helped at least two canines find new homes.

Already two dogs have been adopted from Manatee county’s animal services department as a result, the brewery selling more than 150 four-packs of Kolsch featuring photos of the four dogs as a “yappy hour” event last weekend.

The brewery’s director of sales and marketing, Barry Elwonger, stressed their fondness for dogs and pets generally in an interview. “We are huge animal lovers here, huge dog people,” he said. As for where they drew inspiration, it came from an unlikely place: the tradition of milk cartons once featuring photos of missing children.

There are plenty of craft breweries around the country, and plenty of pets in shelters seeking a good home. Perhaps Motorworks has set something into motion here; if other breweries follow suit, it could make a lot of people (and a lot of dogs) very happy.

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