Your Guide to Building a Complete Home Office

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Your Guide to Building a Complete Home Office

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It’s time to get off the couch. I know it’s easier said than done, but now that we’re on our third week of working from home, the time has come to officially upgrade from a couch or bed to a something that at least resembles an office. Just like putting on clothes with some semblance of structure to them aids in generating productivity, sitting at a physical desk will have a similar effect and will help in creating a clear distinction between work and home, something that is increasingly blurred in these strange times.

If you’re at a loss for where to begin when it comes to bringing your home office to fruition, we’ve broken down the essentials for you: desk, chair, lamp and accessories. Once you have these assembled, the space is pretty much complete — that’s really all it takes. And now’s the ideal time to start building space with design heavyweights Herman Miller, Design Within Reach and HAY all currently offering what they’ve deemed WFH essentials. You may never want to return to your actual office ever again.

The Desk: HAY Copenhague 90

Perhaps the most important aspect of one’s home office, the desk essentially sets the tone for the rest of the space — so choose wisely. If this is your first foray into working from home, and you fully intend to return to the office once all this craziness ceases, it’s best to go with something minimal and unobtrusive, like this sleek black Copenhague 90 desk by HAY. For those that don’t have a designated office space and maybe have to set up shop in their bedroom or elsewhere, this desk is compact enough to work in small spaces while remaining unfussy and fully functional.

The Chair: Stua Gas Task Armchair

Considering you’re going to be spending a fair amount of time sitting at your desk, it’s key the chair you choose is one that provides both comfort and support. This Stua Gas Task armchair checks all the boxes — comfortable, adjustable and not to mention it’ll be a sleek addition to any workspace. Sit back and work (comfortably) for hours.

The Lamp: Ode Desk Lamp

While working by natural light is ideal, it’s not always feasible. But harsh, artificial lighting can prove to be more of a nuisance than helpful resource. What one needs is a light that emits a softer glow, like this Ode Desk Lamp. To turn on the light you simply touch the stem of the lamp, and from there you can adjust it to your desired brightness. The design is minimal and effective, meaning it won’t take up too much space on your desk but will still manage to get the job done.

And everything else…

Unless you’re an office enthusiast, shopping for office furniture doesn’t necessarily elicit a ton of excitement. But one aspect of the activity that does allow for more artistic license is office accessories. Here’s where you can incorporate color into the space, whether it be in the form of a yellow stapler or a mint green coffee pot (a necessary accessory considering the copious amount of coffee you drink now). It’s like the adult version of shopping for school supplies. After all, one should enjoy the space they work in just as much as they enjoy the space they live in.

Formwork Box

HAY Shade Bin

Anything Desk Set, Stapler

Sowden Coffee Pot

HAY Container

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