Where 5 Interior Designers Shop When Outfitting Their Own Homes

Shopping where the experts shop is never a bad idea.

October 27, 2020 12:13 pm
Where 5 Interior Designers Shop When Outfitting Their Own Homes

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Home decoration is at once an exciting and daunting task. You get to completely revamp your living space, but it’s also time-consuming and pricey if you want to do it right. 

And you definitely want to do it right: Americans are spending more time than ever in their homes, and that piece of wall decor you never really loved in the first place may be looking at you wrong after six consecutive months of working from home. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. 

Interior designers range somewhere on the scale of useful to absolutely necessary for creating a well-balanced home. But they can be expensive. So we dialed up a few of our favorites and asked them where they shop for their own home furnishings. And we asked them to hit various price points and various item types, so no matter what your budget and needs are, you’ll find something worth your while.

Joe English

Melinda Cedel

Melinda Cedel is the US Marketing Manager for iconic French house of Interior Design Liaigre. She previously worked with Patrik Lonn Design, David Scott Interiors and Eric Daniels Architects.

When you shop for home goods for yourself, where do you do it?

I love antique shopping and exploring second-hand stores. I have an eclectic taste and enjoy mixing modern pieces with found items. I try not to invest in trends, but when I do, I go to ABC Home and Made Goods

Made Goods

Made Goods Adonis Stool

What are a few of your favorite items at the moment?

Lately I’ve been collecting vintage candlestick holders and am trying to grow an art collection.

What vendor that’s economically accessible to most people do you think does home goods best?

In terms of who does economically accessible furniture best, CB2 always stays on top of trends, however, I prefer to buy pieces that will last. Therefore if you can find a great used desk or headboard on a site like Chairish or AptDeco, I would always choose that over something you will want to replace in a year.


Liaigre Bookcase GALET, 1999

If money were no object, what would be your dream place to shop for home goods?

Where to start … Apparatus, 1st Dibs, Liaigre, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, John Salibello, JM Szymanski, Dennis Miller, Jiun Ho, Roman Thomas

Tristan Scow

Caitie Neill

Caitie Neill is an interior designer who has done stints at several high-profile New York City studios, including two Architectural Digest AD-100-recognized firms.

When you shop for home goods for yourself, where do you do it?

I always prefer to shop local and vintage! I usually end up finding some unusual pieces in pristine condition that no one else has. It’s always exciting to find pieces that represent your personality they are built to last and have more of a story to tell. In most cases, they also cost the same (sometimes less) compared to new production items.

What are some of your favorites?

Dobbin Street

There are three Brooklyn locations and they regularly refresh their inventory. You could go every weekend and feel like you’re in an entirely new store. Among other things, I’ve purchased a pair of large ceramic table lamps with textured silk shades and a really fun organic shaped three-legged mosaic coffee table from them. 

Copper and Plaid
They have a wide variety of mid-century pieces and a steady stream of inventory. I purchased a set of dining chairs from them in original condition from the ‘50s. The backs have a woven canning detail that is in near perfect condition, so I couldn’t pass them up. They also deliver right to your door!

Bi-Rite Studio

Bi-Rite 1970s Cube Table Lamp


I love their lighting, chairs and accessories!! This shop is always refreshing to walk into.


While they recently closed their Greenpoint brick-and-mortar location, they are still alive and well online, and they have a sister shop called Porter James (also in Greenpoint) where they carry a ton of vintage nightstands, credenzas and beautiful accessories, not to mention they also carry some of my favorite candles. 


Himo Art Cermaic Tassel Wall Hanging


Etsy is such a great resource and a great way to support small businesses. It can be a little overwhelming, but once you identify the right keywords to filter what you are looking for it’s great. For example, I recently came across Himo Art and fell in love with her work! She creates these beautiful ceramic and tassel wall hangings.

Any other online resources you find yourself going back to?

Instagram. Everyone knows it, but I have to admit it is still a reliable (even addictive) resource. I’ve come across so many accounts that are really inspiring and fun. Here are a couple of my latest favorites: 

Casa Shop has so many fun accessories and objects. I just purchased a solid onyx vase that looks great with flowers or on its own! 

Mara Vera

Mara Vera Hara/Vermilion on White

Mara Vera creates these stunning scarves and designs her own block prints using natural dyes. I purchased a few recently, but I don’t plan on wearing them! I decided to display them as wall tapestries instead. 

If money were no object, what would be your dream place to shop for home goods?

I’d likely be shopping for something funky from Morentz or Goldwood by Boris. I’d also love to own a piece by Caleb Woodard. His instagram features some incredible pieces he’s made by hand! I’m always excited to see what he’s up to.

Everett Laidlaw

Alexandra Hirsch 

Alex Hirsch is an interior designer and project manager with a specialty in sustainable building practices. Her work has been recognized by Dwell Magazine, Dezeen, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Sheridan & Co.

When you shop for home goods for yourself, where do you do it?

When shopping for myself (or for a client for that matter), I would argue to stay away from big box, all-in-one-stop sorts of places. They’re great when you’re in a pinch, but don’t allow for the creativity and personalization of “the hunt.” Second to that, many of those shops don’t produce goods in sustainable ways. They tend to use toxic materials and cheap labor to keep margins down … not great. 

I’m a big fan of dispersing sources — finding brands and pieces that play well together but may be from different eras or principles of design. “The hunt,” as I call it, takes a bit more time, but in the end allows you to show yourself through your selections!

Menu Design Shop

Norm Architects Stone Table Lamp

For lighting: Triple Seven Home and Menu

For furniture: I love brands from Copenhagen for the simple fact that they’re classic and harmonious in their design. The bonus is that Copenhagen is one of — if not the — most sustainable cities in the world. The goals they’ve set for themselves as a city translates to how they produce their goods. That’s to say, it far outmatches that of other countries, so you can feel good when buying from one of their brands. 

Norman Copenhagen

Norman Copenhagen Block Table


And for textiles …

  • Inbedstore: Anything from their linen bedding line 
  • Minna (ethically made textiles and home goods)

TRNK Bow Candle Holder

And for decor/dinnerware:

What vendor that is economically accessible to most people do you think does home goods best?

Of the big name stores, I would say IKEA probably does it best. They are without a doubt the most affordable place to find home goods. When paired properly with higher price point items and found objects, their products can really help bring a space together. 


&tradition Boomerang HM1

If money were no object, what would be your dream place to shop for home goods ?

My specialty is in sustainable design, so I tend to lean towards antique and vintage dealers. Buying second hand not only allows you to add something extremely unique into your space, but also prevents needless manufacturing of goods that quite frankly, we don’t need. So, if money were really not an issue, I would buy up everything at Galerie Half (LA), Counter Space (LA), Eneby Home (Tennessee) and The Apartment (Copenhagen). Lastly, if I had a deep hankering for something brand new, I would head straight to Matter in NYC.

Andrew Michael Phillips

Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters

Forbes and Masters have been featured in Essence Magazine, Architectural Digest and House Beautiful, to name a few. Find them on Instagram @forbesmasters.

When you shop for home goods for yourself, where do you do it?

Westside Market and Scott Antique Market are our go-tos. We’re able to find interesting pieces that have depth and character whether it be furniture, accessories or art. 

Westside Market

Modern Black & Gray Console Table

What are a few of your favorite items from them? 

We love this interesting console and this vintage chair

What vendor that is economically accessible to most people do you think does home goods best? 

One place we shop that meets all different price points is Wayfair. Oftentimes we can find great quality items without breaking the bank. 

If money were no object, what would be your dream place to shop for home goods?

Honestly, if money was no object, we would make everything custom! Part of our passion is to create custom spaces for every client that is special and unique.

Kyle Fitts Photography

Chris McGovern

Chris McGovern is owner of McGovern Project, a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm based in New York.

When you shop for home goods for yourself, where do you do it?

For Turkish Kilim Pillows: I love the warmth and pattern a Turkish rug can add to a space, but still prefer to buy these in person. However, kilim pillows, small ottomans and cushions made from Turkish rug remnants are great accessories that can add a similar feel to the space. Etsy has several vendors, but in my deep dive searches, I always seem to land on Sebil Pillows Etsy Shop. The items ship quickly and you can’t beat the price. Return policies can vary but the investment is minimal.

For Objects and Oddities: A finished room always has its share of decor objects on table tops or shelves, even if keeping things minimal. I always like to begin with a quick inventory of what items clients have already, as it inevitably makes for a more personal space. However, more often, when the extent of one of my bachelor client’s home decor inventory is limited to their beer stein collection, I often gravitate to Chairish’s website. The site is flooded with a range of cool vintage decor items at various price points.

What are a few of your favorite items from them?

These are a few items in my cart at the moment …


Sebil Pillows 12/24 Anatolian Rug Pillow

From Sebil PIllows:


Vintage Marble Bookends

From Chairish:

What vendor that is economically accessible to most people do you think does home goods best?

I’m guilty of framing just about anything. If you have an item that doesn’t fit in a standard-sized frame, Frame it Easy will customize a frame and mat. Play with the mat size. A cool postcard from travels or a concert ticket of significance framed in a large frame with an oversized mat can be really impactful and personalize a space.

House of Spoils

Jared Chambers 1974

If you’re on a budget, art.com provides framed prints at a reasonable price. We’ve all been to an apartment with a very generic print hung prominently. A client was looking for an oversized black-and-white architectural photograph. Sure, we could have used the Flatiron or Chrysler building, but instead a quick search of their hometown included an arguably more interesting archival photo of a bridge that also has some personal significance.

There are also a ton of sites with a more bespoke offering. House of Spoils has some great fine art photography that is at a reasonable price point, like this print called 1974 by Jared Chambers.

If money were no object, what would be your dream place to shop for home goods?

Give me an auction paddle and send me to Christie’s!

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