Deal: The Voyager Wants to Be Your Game-Changing Outdoor Chair

Handsome, versatile and comfy, plus up to $51 off during preorders

Parkit's Voyager chair is now available for preorder
All photos by Parkit

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The Voyager claims it’s the chair that’ll “change how we enjoy the outdoors.”

And while pre-orders mean you won’t be able to experience that life-altering change until March of 2021 — and let’s be honest, we’ve had enough life-altering changes this spring to last us until then — the chair does offer a lot in terms of comfort and convenience.

So when the time is right, the Voyager will allow you to throw away your awful beach/lawn chairs because it’s portable (you can carry it like a backpack or over your shoulder), durable (built from aircraft-grade aluminum), good-looking (credit the bamboo armrests and the multiple colorways) and versatile (it’s also your cooler, which rests below your seat).

The Voyager claims to be comfy, too, though we can’t guarantee that unless we sit in it ourselves (hint hint— the company behind the chair, the San Diego-based Parkit, claims their seat offers an ideally ergonomic level of comfort via a seat that’s neither too high nor too low; you’re also sitting on 60mm woven polyester fabric seat straps that are tough, won’t fade in sunlight and offer better support than plastic.


From the specs, it’s a really handsome chair that seems easy to move around and allows you to forego an extra cooler. For that alone, we’re sold — preorders are starting at $139-$149, down from the future retail price of $190. The usual caveats about crowdfunded projects apply here, though the Voyager has been fully funded.

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