A Lot of Birds Will Meet Their Maker at Uruguay’s New Hidden Hotel

Humans, however, will be living the high life

April 20, 2018 9:00 am

Today in terrible places to go hang-gliding:

Sacromonte Landscape Hotel, an eco-resort in the Maldonado region of Uruguay, a mountainous area with rolling green hills reminiscent of Tuscany. The site, designed by architecture firm MAPA, showcases 13 frontside-mirrored cabins that blend almost too well with the infinite horizon beyond them.

mirror (4 images)

The prefab cabins — which are scattered about a working vineyard and farm — have been designed with sustainability top of mind: the rear sides are built from locally sourced stone and wood, while the water treatment system is up to green standards. And the on-site restaurant? You guessed it: acutely farm-to-table.

This should all leave you aesthetically/morally relaxed, and free to enjoy the resort’s various amenities, including the hyperlocal food, your rustic-luxurious cabin (which has a deck and circular pool overlooking it) and hopefully a bottle or two of vino.

The resort opens up in September, and you should head here for more details. 


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