Household Game: All-Wood-Everything Edition

Seven wooden wares that’ll make your home more handsome

By The Editors
February 10, 2016 9:00 am

It can happen to anyone: you move into a new place and buy some cheap Craigslist wares to “hold you over” while you get settled. Next thing you know it’s been two years and you’re still pulling out the same slipshod folding chairs every time you have company and finding increasingly creative ways to store your books, mail and keys. That’s why we created Household Game, our bi-weekly curation of handsome, hard-wearing living room upgrades at a range of price points.

This week, we celebrate wood. Because what’s dead to the forest is lifeblood to a proper sitting room. It adds warmth. Character. It’s relatively sustainable. And it’s versatile: let it shine in a statement piece, or merely tie a room together in the accents and details.

Walnut Salvaged Clock | $80

Digital is fine for your wrist, but defer to the classics when it comes to your walls and go analogue. We like these simple craftsman-made gems. White oak with walnut details, or walnut and maple.

Salvaged Shelves | $90

Your books deserve better than to be stacked knee-deep in the corners of your room — or worse, out of sight in a closet. These minimal, elegant shelves brighten up and declutter the room and give your space airs of a Restoration Hardware showroom. They come in oak, walnut and maple.

Hidden Channel Wall Coat Rack | $99.95

Coat racks are one of those things you don’t realize how much you need until you get one. Here’s one that’s made of sustainable acacia wood with iron pegs. It has a hidden channel running along the back for storing mail, parcels or magazines. No more decorating your dining room chairs with outerwear.

Fold-Down Bar Shelf | $168

A man’s liquor collection is a thing to be shown off, not buried in a cabinet over the fridge. Most will choose the classic cart setup, but if you’re short on floor space, look to the walls. Space comes at a premium with this compact bar, but that will encourage you to curate with more precision and collect (and display) only the essentials.

Ercol Originals Stacking Chairs | $465

Avoid the unseemly guess-you’re-stuck-with-a-kid’s-chair situation and give your guests something nice to rest on when they visit your abode. Like these wooden chairs: stackable so they store well, and the classic silhouette and wobble-proof structure means they’ll work as an everyday player in your home as well.

Risom Lounge Chair | $994

While “lounge” may conjure images of cushy-armed recliners, don’t underestimate the comfort of a more low-slung version. Your correspondent has lived with this style for years and it’s perfect for leaning back with a book, taking a long phone call or doing absolutely nothing. Choose your frame, choose the webbing, it’s a win-win.

Brazos Mirror | Inquire for price

Mirrors are a far under-utilized room enhancer, making spaces seem larger and brighter. Full-length ones have the added benefit of … doing those things even better. This one’s huge and comes in three finishes to match whatever ambience your room is aiming for.

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