Shipping Container on the Outside, Immaculate Modern Home on the Inside

Prepare yourself to stack 'em high

February 13, 2017 9:00 am

The main problem with living in a shipping container home is simple: shipping containers are made for shipping, not for living, and many refurbished models make that far too obvious.

That’s not the case with the line of modular shipping container homes from Alberta-based Honomobo, the crown jewel of which is the stackable HO2 studio unit.

Although Honomobo offers both smaller and larger prefab dwellings, the 352-square-foot HO2 studio is the flashiest model and can be installed anywhere with a permanent foundation and utility access, including on top of a garage or another Honomobo unit of equal or greater size.

Stackable Studio Home (5 images)

Equipped with a large glass wall to pull in light, the HO2  features an open living area and full kitchen complete with wood cabinets, quartz countertops and recessed LED lighting. The H02 also has an air source heat pump for heating and cooling and can be equipped for solar living.

Priced starting at a hair under $80k, Honomobo will build each H02 unit to local building codes and is even willing to help a buyer secure financing from a bank or broker in certain instances. Builds can take up to 12 weeks and Honomobo is willing to deliver anywhere in North America.

Spring reservations are still available … head on over to the Honomobo site for more details. 

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