Take Hundreds Off All of Herman Miller’s Timeless Office Furniture

Your employees and aching back will thank you

Take hundreds off during this massive Herman Miller office furniture sale.
Take hundreds off during this massive Herman Miller office furniture sale.

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If you’ve ever considered buying an office chair, you know Herman Miller.

They’re the first name in problem-solving furniture with a timeless sense of design, even though the company can trace its American roots back to 1905. And every so often they throw a 15%-off sale on pretty much everything. Today is that day.

But this time around, we found an even better deal. Yes, the normal 15% off is available on Design Within Reach. Over on OfficeDesigns, though, you can get an even lower price with an added 5% off (and free shipping!) with code DEAL5. (Ed. note: This code is no longer active, but you can still get 15% off until the sale ends on May 14th.)

There are many ways to shop this sale, whether you’re looking to buy for your employees or yourself at work, or for yourself in your home office, so we’ve picked out the best of the sale below.

Take over $150 off the iconic Herman Miller Aeron office chair.

Aeron Chair

As we’ve noted many times before, this is the ultimate office chair, designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, and included in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. If you’re looking for the cheapest price on a new model, you can get one for as low as $670, but that’s without arms. Or if you’re OK with an “open box” model, you can pick up one on eBay for an astoundingly cheap $474 — a deal we’ve written about before.

Take over $200 off the updated Herman Miller Cosm office chair.

Cosm Chair

Do the phrases “Auto-Harmonic Tilt”  or “Intercept Suspension” mean anything to you? If you’re constantly rubbing your lower back, probably not. They’re proprietary design elements that help this chair respond to your body, movement and posture to offer support. Even if you can’t help but hunch and slouch all day, the Cosm’s got your back.

The Yves Béhar designed Sayl office chair is almost $100 off.

Sayl Chair

The Aeron and Cosm still out of your price range? Don’t fret, the Sayl comes courtesy of similarly esteemed designer Yves Béhar who drew suspension inspiration from the Golden Gate Bridge. And for those who always complain about it being too hot in the office, the Sayl has a breathable, unframed back.

The Herman Miller sale includes this Executive Chair, cousin of the Eames Lounge Chair.

Eames Executive Chair

The cousin of the Eames Lounge Chair (aka the ultimate power move), this desk-appropriate option is for anyone who is ready to skip the plastic (however “ergonomic”) and upgrade to lightweight aluminum and sumptuous leather.

If all of this is a little too dark, just remember there are different colors available. And if it’s the styles you have a problem with (or you’re looking for desks), shop the rest of the sale here. Just remember to use code DEAL5.

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