Deal: One of the Most Iconic Office Chairs Is Over $500 Off

Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair is still the gold standard, and now it’s 51% off

Herman Miller Aeron Chair on Sale
Is your office chair in the Museum of Modern Art's collection? This Aeron Chair is, and now it's 51% off.
Madison Seating

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We’re always going to tell you about big sales on Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair. It’s been the gold standard of office chairs since it became the captain’s chair of choice for the dot-com boom in the ‘90s. And every once in a while “open box” models show up on eBay at unbeatable discounts — today is one of those days.

Right now, you can pick up a Size B Aeron Chair for over $500 off. But if you’re in the market for office chairs, there’s a good chance you need more than one, and at over 51% off the market price, you’re looking at a slam dunk 2-for-1 deal.

A couple notes: “Size B” is the most popular version of this chair, fitting people between 5’2” and 6’6” tall and weighing 130 to 325 pounds. “Open box” simply means that chair was sold once, returned and is now being resold (at a huge discount). Don’t let that dissuade you — Madison Seating, the seller, is also offering a 10-year warranty and returns are accepted. And if this isn’t the exact model you’re looking for, head over to their main eBay page and they probably have the right one.

But wait, it gets better! (Sorry, sometimes my inner Billy Mays comes out.) These Aeron Chairs are constructed from 66% recycled materials and include a free armrest upgrade to fully adjustable arms (something that isn’t always included). Is it too good to be true? Only if you wait until they’re all sold out.

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