This Gold-Plated V12 Wants to Be Your New Barista

The Super Veloce Aurum makes Formula One-inspired espresso

August 23, 2016 9:00 am

Sadly, the days of getting caffeinated rocket fuel from an actual shuttle engine aren’t here yet, but in the interim you can settle for getting a cup from a Formula One-inspired espresso maker.

Hand-finished in 18-carat yellow gold and black nickel, the Super Veloce Aurum is a single-serve espresso maker that also has a grappa dispenser for those moments you need a little extra kick in the pants.

Built from stainless steel, titanium and aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, the 77-pound Aurum resembles a V12 that’s been outfitted with mini exhaust pipes to dispense espresso and an oil filler to hold excess grappa.

Constructed by Italian mechanical engineer Paolo Mastrogiuseppe, the piece is an example of its designer’s commitment to “providing clients with bespoke masterpieces of superior quality.”

Espresso Veloce will limit production of the Aurum to a run of only 10 units and, although there’s no word on pricing or shipping, we do know each of them will come with a gold-covered plaque.

Beats Folgers.

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