You Can Build Walls, Office Furniture Out of These Giant Lego Blocks

Can’t figure them out? Just ask your kid.

December 18, 2017 9:00 am

If you had to venture a guess, what’s the most powerful brand in the world?

Disney? Number six. Google? Two. Taking the top spot, according to Brand Finance’s annual report: Lego.

That might explain the growing interest among professionals in EverBlock Systems, a company offering oversized plastic building blocks that borrows its design cues (though no official affiliation) from the children’s toy company. The blocks are intended for real-world construction, from office furnishings to outdoor castles.

While the brightly colored blocks might turn off most adult this side of Tom Hanks in Big, they might be the next logical step in the modular furniture craze that seems to be sweeping the design world.

everblock systems (3 images)

Some of the structures featured on their website: the base for a glass-topped dining room table, a mod home bar and a Halloween-appropriate coffee table. Admittedly, the block aesthetic lends itself better to day care centers and eye-catching sculptures than your average American home. But, as with Legos, a little imagination can turn the modest material into something exquisite.

Got a project in mind? EverBlock sells both individual blocks starting around $3 and kits which can get into the thousands. And since customization is their raison d’être, sliding doors and shelves are readily available for more demanding projects. There are no adhesion elements beyond stacking the blocks together, but if scale is your goal, EverBlock offers multiple options for reinforcement.

For a little design inspiration, check out this “ice” castle assembled in New York’s Bryant Park last winter.

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