This Reclining Chair Is So Well Engineered It Literally Defies Gravity

Cost of total weightlessness? Well, definitely not priceless.

By The Editors
September 28, 2016 9:00 am

How much is your back worth to you? A couple hundred? Thousand? $26,000?

You might wanna sit down for this.

Because that last number is, in fact, the asking price for the Elysium, a chair designed by furniture designer Dr. David Wickett, who, after 10 years of research, has created what seems to be the most sound, structurally perfect chair in the history of modern ergonomics.

How, you ask?

By defying gravity. That’s right, this chair offers a completely weightless experience, backed by science. Best part: it only requires a simple hand gesture to activate it.

If there’s anyone who can design a weightless chair, it’s Wickett. It took 10 years of studying the relationship between posture and gravitational force for the British inventor to arrive at the chair’s final design. His goal: to create a new form that engages perfectly with the human body’s center of gravity for a continuous, frictionless experience. The man succeeded, and got a PhD in bioengineering because of it.

The result is a chair with a carbon fiber skeleton that achieves the point of zero gravity at precisely 25 degrees reclined. As for health benefits: think of it as floatation tank therapy without the water.

With only 20 made, the chair will be available at Bang & Olufsen with that whopping $26,000 price tag hanging threateningly from its shoulder.

Your wallet won’t thank you. But rest assured your back will.

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