Deal: Need a Better Lamp? Dyson’s Lightcycle Is $200 Off.

The task light simulates the natural daylight where you live

Dyson Lightcycle task lamp
The Dyson Lightcycle is available in floor and desk versions. The former is $200 off.

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When setting up your ideal office suite at home, lighting can be a hassle, which means it often is left unattended. After all, who wants to deal with dozens of light bulb options at the store, or worse, rewiring your current fixtures?

If you’re looking for a plug-and-play lighting solution that’s effective, useful and aesthetically neutral, we’d suggest Dyson’s innovative Lightcycle task light, especially today, as the full-size floor version is $200 off.

The Lightcycle looks utilitarian with its black color and right angles, but the technology powering the spotlight on the end of the arm is pretty astounding. Once programmed, the LED light can change to match the specific color and brightness of your local daylight throughout the day, keeping your body on a regular rhythm even if you’re working long or odd hours. It also features motion-sensor technology, eye-strain protection and automatic light adjustment to keep your workspace lit even if you close a window or turn off an overhead light. In other words, it has many of the features you didn’t even know you wanted. 

According to Dyson, they’ve set aside a limited number of Lightcycles at this price, so don’t expect the discount to last long.

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