Design-Forward Furniture on a Budget? That’s the Goal of Dims.

High-end tables, chairs and shelving — at IKEA prices

December 13, 2018 9:00 am

Furniture should be considered neither a luxury nor a throwaway.

Finding a good chair, table or shelving unit that’s affordable, good-looking and something you’ll want to keep around is the dream … one shared and solved by Dims.

Dims is a just-launched line of “new-century modern” furniture that’s handsome, sneakily versatile and decidedly unique — each piece is a collaboration with a different design studio around the globe.

Oh, and everything’s about half the price you’d expect to pay anywhere else.

“I wanted to change the mistaken idea that great design has to be stiff, serious and expensive,” explains Dims funder Eugene Kim. “When I ‘graduated’ from shopping at IKEA in my 20s, I realized there wasn’t a place for someone like me. I couldn’t afford the expensive furniture at luxury boutiques and I didn’t like the mid-priced furniture at ‘fast furniture’ stores. And when I dug deeper, I found that most of the furniture I liked was marked up by up to 11x.”

The ideas behind Dims (short for “dimensions”) are similar to what you’d you’d find in many direct-to-consumer brands, but rarely in furniture. There’s price transparency for each of the four initial pieces, stories and Instagram-inspired photography behind each product and principles toward using eco-friendly practices and sustainably-sourced materials.

And they’ll take about a minute or two to build, no tools necessary.

Plus, the DOC model means you’re paying a low three figures for each item. As well, shipping ranges from free to just a few bucks, and each piece has both a 60-day trial period and comes with a 10-year warranty.

The four tables at launch were inspired by Shaker, Japanese and Nordic design, and each item serves multiple functions and has hidden utility.

Some highlights:

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Rove: A powder-coated steel side table with a built-in handle so you can single-handedly move it anywhere, and a tall rim to prevent to prevent spills.

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Caldera: A shallow nook adds a bit of extra space and texture to this beautifully petite coffee table.

Barbican: Our favorite, this steel serving trolley (love the Wimbledon green colorway) works as a shelving unit, bar cart or rolling table. This one also has free shipping.

Coming soon: The Eave, a beautiful wooden desk that doubles as a table for four, and next year, seating.

Photos: Courtesy of Dims

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