7 Discounted Desk Lamps for Every Type of Workspace

Up to $200 off timeless, minimalist and Instagrammable lights

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What are the desk essentials in today’s high-tech age? Your computer, obviously. Office phones and letter openers depend on your proclivities. The Rolodex and Newton’s cradle are out. Then there’s the desk lamp, the underrated sidekick of any desk jockey.

Whether you’re subject to the lighting whims of an open-concept office or currently rely on your computer screen’s glare for most of your illumination, your eyes will thank you for a more intentionally lit workspace. 

Below, find seven handsomely discounted (and straight-up handsome) workspace lights, categorized by your office aesthetic. Whether you have a soft spot for the iconic bankers lamp or the Pixar lamp, or just want something that will look good on Instagram, we’ve got one for you.

For an Unbeatable Price: Sticks Desk Light
Featuring a counterbalanced arm, Sticks was shortlisted for the British Design Awards.

BUY IT HERE: $295 $89

For Timeless Design: Anglepoise Type 1228 Desk Lamp
The first name in lamps gets a modern update exclusive to Huckberry.

BUY IT HERE: $330 $280

For the ‘Gram: The Original Bell Jar Table Lamp
Edison bulbs aren’t the brightest, but they add warmth and a certain sophistication.

BUY IT HERE: $135 $110

For the Designer (or Pixar Fan): Luxo L-1 Lamp
Pixar’s original lamp film is called Luxo Jr., inspired by architect-favorite Luxo lamps.

BUY IT HERE: $258 $219

For a Bankers Lamp Upgrade: Ina Task Lamp
The green-shaded staple is brought into the 21st century with a brushed-brass finish.

BUY IT HERE: $198 $149

For the Minimalist: Morgan Desk Lamp
Extra illumination without visual clutter, available in matte black or brushed steel.

BUY IT HERE: $98 $74

For the Wood-and-Leather Office: Hanter Table Light
The oak arches, timber base and oiled finish pair well with leather-bound books.

BUY IT HERE: $188 $169


All images via their respective retailers

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