Deal: TUSHY’s Best-Selling Classic Bidet Is $45 Off

Toilet paper is like so last year

Deal: TUSHY’s Best-Selling Classic Bidet Is $45 Off

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We’ve urged you time and time again to ditch the toilet paper and adopt a new, cleaner lifestyle with a bidet. That’s because bidets are more effective in cleaning your behind, better for the environment and will save you considerable toilet paper cash in the long term. And right now you can shop a best-selling bidet from modern bidet brand TUSHY, and save $45 with code LUCKY.

The TUSHY Classic is marked down in two color variations: Bamboo and Platinum, so regardless of your bathroom’s look, you’ll have an ass-cleaner to match it. The bidet is easy to install (just 8 minutes) and features an adjustable nozzle that can seamlessly take you from a “gentle butt spritz” to a “power wash.” Best part is, whenever the next global crisis hits, you won’t have to worry about the toilet paper rush. Whoo!

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