Deal: This Pillow Saved My Neck. It’s Finally on Sale.

Save 15% on COOP Home Good's adjustable, supportive pillows

Deal: This Pillow Saved My Neck. It’s Finally on Sale.
COOP Home Goods

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COOP Home Goods rarely has sales, but in celebration of World Sleep Day, the brand is taking 15% off almost everything with code YAYSLEEP — including a pillow that seriously saved my neck.

Last summer, we reviewed COOP’s Eden and found it to be a super supportive pillow with extra cooling properties, ideal for those who sleep a little sweatier and who often wake up with searing neck pain. I had always been one of those sleepers, until literally my first night with the Eden Pillow, when I felt a substantial difference waking up the next morning. I still can’t sleep without it.

The pillow is filled with a soft blend of cross-cut, gel-infused memory foam and microfiber which produces a cooling effect and comes with extra filling, so you can add or take out as much as you want in order to achieve your desired support. The pillow’s case is also crafted from sustainable bamboo — a naturally breathable fiber — for additional airflow and comfort.

If you’re someone who isn’t too concerned about how cool your pillow feels but is looking for that same level of neck-saving support, COOP’s best-selling Original pillow is also on sale at a cheaper rate than the Eden. The premium, adjustable pillow also comes with removable fill for your preferred support, a lightweight, shapeable liner to support various sleeping positions and a breathable, smooth case.

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