Today in Cabin Porn: The Exhibitionist’s Dream Home

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September 12, 2017 9:00 am
Today in Cabin Porn: The Exhibitionist’s Dream Home

When building the beachside abode Casa Ronda, architect Marina Vella was forced to design within strict parameters.

Height, materials and the exterior color (white) were all regulated in Peru’s Cañete province. But the owners wanted something diametrically opposed: “organic architecture with cozy gathering areas protected from windy days,” according to ArchDaily.

So she did what any good architect would do — scooped up debris from a nearby mountain and put it smack dab in the middle.

Casa Ronda (5 images)

From the outside, Casa Ronda is a blank slate of white. Inside, a massive curved wall of russet stone dominates the design, extending from the ground floor down into the basement. This interplay between brutal and serene elements mirrors the house’s surroundings: the Pacific Ocean, white dunes and a towering red hill.

The curved rock wall serves both as a wind-barrier for the patio (and ocean-facing pool) as well as stairs down to the three-bedroom, three-bathroom basement. The ground floor includes three more bedrooms, a kitchen and an open living/dining room that looks out onto the pool and beach. 

Hopefully, next time you’re in the market for a seaside getaway, this’ll teach you to look for something more medieval, less Jimmy Buffett.

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