Brooklinen Now Makes Waffle Towels (and Robes)

The perfect summer towel and robe

Brooklinen Now Makes Waffle Towels (and Robes)

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There are few feelings better than stepping out of the shower and immediately enveloping yourself in the embrace of a cozy towel or bathrobe. Now Brooklinen is making that feeling all the more sweeter with their new Waffle Bath Towels and Robes. Both are made from 100% Turkish cotton, meaning their lightweight, fast drying, absorbent and most importantly, soft. Plus, their lighter weight and weave texture lends them well to the summer, allowing you to get dry without overheating. We wouldn’t be surprised (or blame you) if post-shower or bath you find yourself reluctant to put on actual clothes — who wouldn’t want to spend their day wrapped up in one of these bad boys?

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