The Best Alarm Clocks for Keeping Your Phone Out of the Bedroom

From Braun, Shinola and others, these seven timepieces will help you practice better sleep hygiene

February 26, 2021 11:05 am
alarm clock hero
The best alarm clocks that aren't your phone

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I banished my phone from my bedroom earlier this year.

Why? Lots of reasons. Because blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, the circadian rhythm hormone. Because phones carry around more bacteria than toilet seats and probably shouldn’t be inches from your pillow. Because my screentime stats were embarrassing and I wanted to start reading again.

There’s a go-to reason people cite for keeping their phones in their bedrooms: it’s their alarm. But it doesn’t have to be. People still make alarm clocks, believe it or not (digital and analog), and they’ll get the job done just as well. In fact, they may do it even better. Research has indicated that setting a list of alarms on an iPhone, “snooze sleep,” so to speak, is simply not good for you.

You can’t set 17 alarms on these clocks. They’re sparing on purpose. They’re meant to look nice on your nightstand and wake you up to start a new day. That’s it. Your bedroom’s tech detox — and the better sleep hygiene it will bring — starts here. Find our seven favorite alarm clocks below.

wideboy alarm clock

Newgate Wideboy Alarm Clock

One of the more handsome alarms we’ve come across. There’s a reason both West Elm and MoMA stock this bad boy. It’s light for its size — about the length of a paperback book — and about as barebones as it gets. There isn’t even snooze capability. Back to basics.

arne jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen Alarm Clock

The famous Danish designer actually first conceived a clock for the Copenhagen’s National Bank in the late ’50s. This old-school option pays homage to that tradition (down to the bell alarm), while offering built-in LED for those who like to check the time in middle of the night.

lexon alarm clock

LEXON Flip+ LCD Alarm Clock

For those who haven’t looked at an analog clock in years and don’t want to — this option from LEXON clearly presents the time of day and alarm time, behind an LCD display. It’s sure to give your nightstand a pop of color, too.

letterfolk alarm clock

Mid-Century Flip Clock

Flip clocks are legit. The most iconic alarm clock in movie history is a flip clock, and for good reason. It still channels some of the vintage vibes these analog clocks are putting out there, while offering reading ease.

shinola alarm clock

Shinola The Guardian Travel Alarm Clock

From the Detroit watchmakers: a palm-sized alarm clock for those short on nightstand space or always on the road. The casing is classy as hell (brass-toned stainless steel), and the whole thing’s powered by just one battery.


Braun Classic Analogue Alarm Clock 

A hardy, techie take on the travel alarm clock, with a continuous backlight function, snooze intervals and quiet movement. (That means no pesky ticking while you’re sleeping.) It’s Braun, so you’re in good hands.

alume cube clock

Alume Cube Clock

Pretty straightforward arrangement here. It turns on with a tap or snap, when you’re looking for the display. It turns off on its own when not in use, leaving you with a good, honest cube.

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