Here’s What a $26.5M Aspen Mansion Looks Like

On a six-acre lot just minutes from town

March 7, 2019 9:00 am

You ever turn on HGTV and watch a couple agonize over competing desires for “lots of outdoor space” and “a short walk into town”? A half hour in, they have to compromise on just one, then pretend to have made their peace with the decision at that fake dinner party during the credits.

The key to avoiding compromise on your dream house? Have $26M.

That’s the price of 3224 Castle Creek Road, a five-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion sitting on six acres in an Aspen, Colorado, river valley just minutes from town. 

colorado (6 images)

Listed by Christie’s International Real Estate, this is the true American Chateau. The property was built in 1994, won an award with AIA for its inspired steel design (beams run amok!) and features over 8,000 square-feet of house. Whoever has the coin to spend on the estate can expect two fireplaces, a two- and three-car garage, a spa, a hot tub, and a terrace off the master bedroom that looks large enough to land a helicopter. 

As for Aspen, there’s a whole lot to do. It’s not a bad place to live comfortably astride, as our guide to wining, dining, skiing and shopping the city will attest. 

For more information on purchasing the property, head here

All images via Christie’s International Real Estate

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