When Your Living Room Wall Is a Swimming Pool, You’ve Arrived

It really ties the room together

February 26, 2018 9:00 am

What are you looking for in that next apartment?

Larger closet? Rooftop deck? A kitchen with an island?

Dream bigger, friend.

Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques recently fielded a request from an art-collecting client in São Paulo’s to install a private pool at his posh Villa Nova Conceição apartment. In what’s … not the largest courtyard you’ve ever seen. Backed up against the wall, literally, she delivered.

The 32-foot-long aquamarine alleway pool is separated from the living room by a mere eight centimeters of glass, and makes its presence known on both floors. The first floor features an underwater view from a two-way couch: one side faces the pool, the other a flat-screen TV.  The second floor offers vegetation-lined entrances from both the master bedroom and a minimalist staircase in the courtyard. Sunday morning dips, post-work refreshers … what apartment thereafter could compare?

RIP, aquariums.

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