These Treads Turn ATVs Into Snowmobiles in 30 Minutes Flat

Cross your heart and pray for snow

By The Editors
February 27, 2017 9:00 am

As the old proverb goes, beneath every good ATV is an even better set of off-roading tires, but we’d counter it needs to be amended to state that beneath every great ATV is a set of these:

Designed to handle winter conditions in the backcountry, the Apache 360 LT Track System by Can-Am gives any compatible ATV the ability to accelerate, brake and corner like a snowmobile.

Capable of crossing foot-high obstacles, the Apache system includes an easy-to-use mounting kit that allows owners to switch from treads to tires (or vice versa) in just a half hour or less.

Featuring enhanced handling properties and the highest ground clearance on the market, the heavy-duty build is ready to dominate tough terrain every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The fully-loaded track system starts at $6,000 and a new version is launching this autumn.

Is it fall yet?

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