Vehicles | February 11, 2020 7:36 am

Jeep Made an Electric Bike. Here’s Everything We Know About It.

The all-terrain e-Bike debuted during the Super Bowl.

Jeep All-Terrain e-Bike
You saw Billy Murray ride it during the Super Bowl. Come June 2020, you can ride it too.

If it’s good enough for Bill Murray (and a groundhog with a helmet), it’s good enough for us.

We’re talking about the new Jeep e-Bike, an all-terrain electric bicycle the actor appeared astride in the automaker’s Groundhog Day Super Bowl commercial. The spot was primarily focused on Jeep’s Gladiator pickup truck, and fitting in as many callbacks to the original 1993 movie, so you may have missed the two-wheeler. But it’s there and you’ll be able to buy it soon:

Yup, that’s all we got. But if you look closely, you can see the Jeep branding on the bike, and that’s not just for show.

On a website set up for the e-Bike, Jeep has some important info, chiefly that it has a 750 Watt motor that’ll get the rider up to 40 miles on one charge, beefy tires that come in at 4.8-inches, Fire-Link suspension and a release date of June 2020.

Since when did Jeep start designing bikes? If you think this is a Harley-Davidson-type pivot where the sport utility expert is trying to move into the burgeoning e-bike category and make it a staple of their business, think again. Rather, the bike is listed as “powered by QuietKat,” an established electric mountain bike maker out of Colorado, so it looks like they might just be slapping some branding on and calling it a day.

That’s all we know for now, so we’ll wait and see if there are any surprises in store for the Jeep e-Bike closer to launch. But if you can’t afford the Gladiator, well, this might not be a bad option.

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