Sports | April 1, 2018 1:46 pm

These Are the NFL’s Riskiest Offseasons

Many teams are taking bigger risks than the Rams, but they don't know it yet.

Odell Beckham #13 blocks as Wayne Gallman #22 of the New York Giants runs the ball past Jahleel Addae #37 and Casey Hayward #26 of the Los Angeles Chargers. (Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
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The Rams are making incredibly risky moves this offseason. But they know what they are getting themselves into: They will either burst on the scene and dominate or they will suffer all season long. But Bleacher Report says there are many other teams taking even bigger risks than the Rams, and the worst part is, they don’t know it yet because it is not as obvious. The teams are making NFL’s favorite bad gamble: the no-risk risk. They are trying to get better by getting rid of their best players. This is driven by personalities, not potential and is a “play-it-safe-and-guarantee-mediocrity gambit.” For example, during the NFL owners meetings in Orlando, FL this week, the Giants general manager Dave Gettleman told NFL Network that “You don’t quit on talent.” But then the team spent the rest of the week sounding like they couldn’t wait to get rid of Odell Beckham Jr., one of the most talented players in professional sports because he’s sometimes “a bit of a handful.” The Giants already traded Jason Pierre-Paul to the Buccaneers for loose change, Bleacher Report writes. Meanwhile, the Seahawks are in a similar situation. You can’t rebuild a team when you give away the building blocks. The Bills have been constantly switching up their team chemistry since head coach Sean McDermott and GM Brandon Beane arrived last offseason. But Bleacher Report thinks that teams should stop looking for alpha dogs and instead embrace the players that teams are currently discarding.