Sports | March 19, 2020 10:56 am

Marble Racing League Rolls on as Sports Grind to a Halt

Jelle's Marble Runs has a hit with its YouTube-based racing league “Marbula One”

Marble Racing League Rolls on as Sports Grind to a Halt
An image from the Marble Racing League. (Jelle’s Marble Runs)

With the majority of sports around the world on an indefinite hiatus due to the global pandemic, some competition-hungry fans have been getting their fix by watching competitive marble racing on YouTube.

Since sports have gone on the shelf, Jelle’s Marble Runs, which broadcasts the YouTube-based Marble League and its new “Marbula One” racing series, has seen its followers on Instagram and Twitter double and views on YouTube shoot up by 339 percent, according to Front Office Sports.

Jelle’s started its YouTube channel in 2006 and has always had some degree of popularity as audiences were intrigued by the way the marbles were treated as athletes. When races started to be called by world-class announcer Greg Woods in 2014 after his Fruit Circuit marble racing league went under, Jelle’s became even more popular.

But now, with sports fans desperate for something to latch onto, Jelle’s has become more popular than ever before. “The last few days have been absolutely incredible for the whole team,” Anton Weber, the public relations and community manager for Jelle’s Marble Runs, told FOS. “We knew that with the unfortunate circumstance of essentially all major sport events canceled – we are big [Formula 1] fans ourselves, for example, and were devastated to hear that the season launch has been postponed – that this might be our chance to shine.”

Once the Marbula One series is over, Jelle’s plans to start the 2020 Marble League season in May or June. “We like to stay humble, but with the possibility of Tokyo 2020 being canceled or postponed, we feel like there is a lot of pressure on us to make this season absolutely perfect,” Weber said.

Here’s the Marbula One’s 2020 Greenstone GP from March 15.

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