News & Opinion | February 12, 2019 5:00 am

World’s Most Expensive Diamond-Dusted Flower Bouquet Costs $28,500

The arrangement includes two diamonds — one 0.5 carat and the other 0.3 carat.

most expensive bouquet
The bouquet includes several golden roses. (Getty Images)
Getty Images/EyeEm

Professing your love this Valentine’s Day is priceless.

But those who have the money can err on the literal side, with a bouquet of roses that costs $28,000.

They’re not just any garden variety roses. One hundred endure roses, the U.K.’s leading pressed flower, according to Luxury Launches, make up the Cullinan Bouquet — named after the world’s largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found. They are collected along with six Grandeur Roses, all completely encased in 24-carat gold.

The bouquet also includes Heart Roses created by the specialist florists along with striking Juliette Roses with their double-petalled structure. At the very middle of the creation sits a Mon Chérie curved glass cloche, with two intertwined heart roses that hold two Cullinan diamonds in the center — one 0.5 carat and the other 0.3 carat.

The entire arrangement is sprinkled with diamond dust — the residue that is formed after larger, multi-faceted diamonds are cut and shaped — and can allegedly “last anywhere between three and five years and can further be encased in glass if you need it by your bedside for life.”