News & Opinion | July 25, 2018 5:00 am

Why You Should Go See “Sorry to Bother You” Right Now

GQ calls it the most essential film of the year.

The trailer of Sorry to Bother You makes the film look like a kinetic satire about a guy who sells out, adopting a different voice in order to ascend the corporate ladder, but along the way he loses his soul.

GQ writes that Sorry to Bother You is a story about how escaping poverty in America often demands that you erase yourself in order to receive that six-figure check, but it is also the story of how that reality is only true if you have the luxury of being able to pass as a white man, at least on the other side of a phone.

In the film, Cassius Green, played by Lakieth Stanfield, falls down the rabbit hole of white success, writes GQ, but the world becomes weirder and more absurd at every turn. Sorry to Bother You goes further than any of its contemporaries in satirizing the current movement, and is an honest look at life, not a cautionary tale, according to GQ.