News & Opinion | July 7, 2018 9:00 am

Mummified Corpses of Inca Nobility Found in One of Largest Burial Sites in Peru

The mummies are clothed in finely woven burial robes.

Archaeological Museum of Túcume, where the mummies were found. (Wikipedia)

Twenty-four mummified corpses of Inca nobility were found in one of Peru’s largest burial sites. Four of the mummies are believed to be Inca nobility and were dressed in finely woven robes. All the corpses were buried alongside funerary offerings including ceramics, grains, and high-quality clothes. Experts said that poorer members of society would not be buried with all those supplies, reports the Daily Mail. 

The Incas controlled a vast empire known as Tahuantinsuyo, which extended from the west of present-day Argentina all the way to southern Colombia. They ruled for more than 200 years before being conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century. The corpses were found in a large pyramid city called Túcume, which is home to 26 pyramids. A team of 89 archaeologists led by Túcume Site Museum have been examining the tombs. It appears there are at least 10 more corpses to be uncovered in the burial site.