News & Opinion | June 11, 2019 4:48 pm

Automotive Journalist Vanishes While Test-Driving Motorcycle

A search-and-rescue team found David Gordon Johnson's motorcycle but not him

The Sierra Nevada in California. (George Rose/Getty Images)
The Sierra Nevada in California. (George Rose/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A search-and-rescue team has found the motorcycle, clothing, phone, wallet and laptop of veteran automotive journalist David Gordon Johnson but they have yet to find the man himself.

Johnson was test-driving a Honda motorcycle for two days in the Sierra Nevada in California and Nevada to write an article for Motorcyclist magazine when he went missing on June 5.

According to the 44-year-old’s girlfriend, Jaclyn Trop, Johnson was on his way home after test driving the motorcycle. He had not responded to calls or texts for almost 12 hours, but did eventually message Trop that his phone and laptop had died before going off the grid completely.

“He took a lot of bike trips in the area, so that was not unusual for him,” Trop, 36, told The Washington Post. “He knew the region really well.” Trop is the person who reported Johnson missing.

Crews have been dredging a river and a reservoir near the town of Mokelumne Hill for Johnson’s body after the motorcycle was found at a rest stop outside of town.

Search efforts to find Johnson have been expanded with groups including the California Highway Patrol H20 and Calaveras County Marine Safety Division now lending a hand.

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