New York | February 26, 2020 11:52 am

A Reddit User Made a Definitive Map of New York’s Neighborhoods

Apparently, there are 288 neighborhoods in NYC

A Reddit User Made a Definitive Map of New York’s Neighborhoods

Have at it, New Yorkers.

A Reddit user who goes by the name of bigchunguslolfunny (I really didn’t want to write that) recently published a map using Google’s My Maps feature, highlighting 288 definitive neighborhoods throughout New York City.

There’s a lot here — 43 more neighborhoods than New York’s Census 2020 website included when they took a stab at sectioning out the city late last year — but the Reddit map is actually pretty effective. It’s colored well, and Google’s interface makes it easy to zoom in on particular neighborhoods and identify exact borders; most importantly, it’s difficult to take issue with many of, uh, Big Chungus’ choices. He maps the big boroughs perfectly to my knowledge (I’m sure we could find some disgruntled State Islanders) and doesn’t miss anything too important in Manhattan.

There are a few cases for complaints to be made; Hudson Yards is important enough now (the Vessel isn’t going anywhere, sorry) that it deserved a mention. Flatiron — which we refer to as the Fitness District — arguably extends more into Chelsea. Turtle Bay, Yorkville, and the United Nations all probably should’ve gotten some love on the East side. But the map does a terrific job of mapping downtown, which is often even confusing to New Yorkers; for those who visit a couple times a year, or are considering a move, this map is a great way to figure out how Nolita becomes Soho becomes Greenwhich Village and so on.

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